20 Crazy Powerful Money Affirmations To Attract Insane Wealth

If you’re familiar with the Law of Attraction and money affirmations, you know that we all have the power to manifest good or bad things in our lives. Sending out positive affirmations into the universe will result in a life beyond your wildest dreams while focusing on the negative will attract all sorts of trouble.

Manifesting wealth is really no different than attracting anything else, but many of us have such a complicated and negative relationship with money so it becomes more stressful than it needs to be. We often see money as a source of anxiety rather than a positive force that we can control the flow of. As a result, many of us live in a state of scarcity instead of enjoying the riches that the universe is happy to provide. 

The good news is, you can manifest money! All you need to do is change your mindset and employ some powerful money affirmations. 

Some Basic Rules About Manifesting Money

Getting yourself in the right headspace is the first step to manifesting tons of money. You need to disassociate your concept of wealth from any negative connotations and break any pattern where your thoughts about money are dominated by feelings of anxiety and stress. 

Get Specific With The Universe

For the best results, tell the universe exactly how much money you want. 

The universe loves specific requests, so don’t be shy even if the amount seems excessive or beyond your limits. Your limitations and conceptions about how much money you can reasonably attract are what’s holding you back. 

The first step to manifesting money is simply asking for it. 

Visualize Your Wealth

Picturing yourself surrounded by wealth is a great way to put yourself in the right mind frame for rapid money manifestation. Find a space where you can be alone and sit calmly with your eyes closed. Take in ten deep breaths and allow the vision of your wealth to form in your mind. 

Focus on that vision and keep breathing. You’ll want to stay in this state for several minutes. Visualizing your wealth and practicing money affirmations are two things that you need to do daily. The combination is powerful, compelling and will speed up the results of your manifestation. 

Smell And Feel Your Money

If you want to change your relationship with money, you need to get intimate with it. 

You need to smell and feel your money. Run a bill between your fingertips or gently cradle a coin. Familiarize yourself with the weight and feel of your money. Any bill or coin will do for this exercise. 

Smell your money. What notes are you picking up? Are there differences between the smell of bills and coins? Involving all of your senses in your money manifestation allows the universe to fully open the channel between all of the wealth that you crave and you! 

Fill Your Wallet With Plenty Of Money

Get out of your scarcity mentality by filling your wallet with plenty of money. A full wallet gives you a spring in your step and a feeling of abundance and peace, which is exactly the right mind frame for manifesting wealth. 

During the course of your day think about all of the amazing things that you could buy with the money in your wallet. Consider the fact that the only reason that you don’t have them is that you have chosen to use your money in other ways. You are no longer a begger but in total control of your financial future. It’s extremely powerful and self-affirming to be able to make choices about your wealth! 

Know That You Are Worthy Of Great Wealth

Start loving yourself and realize that you are worthy of great wealth. The money will come to you because you deserve it. Manifesting wealth is not greedy, self-serving or negative in any way. It’s simply tapping into the abundance of the universe and allowing money to flow in its natural direction! By freeing yourself of doubt and negative self-talk, you’re widening the channel between yourself and all of the wealth you’ve ever dreamed was possible. 

Stop Seeing Money As A Negative Or Source Of Stress

In addition to remembering that you are totally worthy of fabulous amounts of wealth, you must also change your thoughts on money as a source of stress and anxiety. A negative mind frame is the best way to attract scarcity to your life! 

Get out of the endless loop of thinking about money as a source of pain, and instead realize that it is a source of joy. 

Thank The Universe

The universe loves gratitude! In order to properly manifest money, you need to thank the universe for her benevolence. It’s important to do this even if you have not started manifesting money yet. The money will come to you, so acknowledge that the universe has widened the channel between you and all of the wealth that you have ever dreamt of. 

Powerful Money Affirmations That Will Attract Wealth To You

These money affirmations are specifically designed to make loads of money gravitate towards you. Pick and choose which ones are the most logical for your life, and say them every day. Soon you will start to see tremendous amounts of wealth moving in your direction! 

Money Is Intensely Attracted To Me

Think of yourself as a powerful magnet that pulls in money from all different unlikely sources. If money is intensely attracted to you, you don’t even need to work so hard to get it. It just comes naturally. Acknowledge the special relationship that you have with money and you will begin to see it flow in. 

I Feel All Of The Wealth Around Me

The universe is full of abundance, and that includes tremendous amounts of wealth. Money is all around us, and it’s right there for the taking. You just need to ask! Too often people feel like wealth is out of their grasp. This type of thinking repels money. When you acknowledge the wealth all around you, it automatically becomes more attracted to you! 

I Am Prosperous And Successful

You are prosperous and successful, so say it! It’s important to affirm that your success and prosperity will continue to grow. Similar things are always attracted to one another and your existing prosperity will result in even more success and money! 

I Live A Life Of Abundance

You do not live a life of scarcity. You live a life overflowing with anything that you could possibly want! Your life is full of money and more wealth is always coming your way. Simply by living a life of abundance and affirming that your life is abundant, you will attract wealth. 

I Am The Architect Of My Own Prosperity

You can manifest money simply by taking control of your own life and realizing that you have all of the tools to create whatever kind of wealth you want. Use this affirmation if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of manifesting money. 

I Trust My Ability To Manifest Money

When you acknowledge that you will be able to manifest money, you’re allowing the universe to give you what you want. Unhealthy relationships with money hinge on the idea that money is difficult to get or a source of stress. Healthy relationships with money are exactly the opposite! Money is easy to get and a source of joy! 

I Am Receptive To The Abundance Of The Universe

Opening up yourself to the universe is the best way to channel a flow of money. Allow yourself to be open-minded to all possibilities of wealth accumulation and you will find that money is freely flowing into your life. 

I Simply Attract Money

Your being is one that attracts money. Think about your relationship with money as something that is as much a part of you as your eye color. You have a great relationship with money and wealth comes your way because you were built to receive it. 

I Have More Money Than I Can Spend

Say this affirmation even if it’s not true at the moment. The best way to divorce yourself from a scarcity mindset is to think about money as an unlimited resource. When you have more money than you can spend, you are swimming in abundance. 

I Have The Power To Create Wealth

Empower yourself with this amazing affirmation that puts the ball right in your court. When you have the power to create wealth, there’s no reason to get stressed out about it. If you need money, you can simply open up the channel and get some more. If you feel that you are mired in doubt or concerns, make this compelling affirmation one something that you say on a regular basis. 

The Universe Is Generous And Plentiful

Thank the universe for her generosity and acknowledge that anything that you need is well within your reach. You can create your own destiny and as much wealth as you want because the universe is always ready to give. Out of all the money affirmations listed, this one is super important.

My Bank Account Is Full And Happy

This is another self-fulfilling prophecy, so say it even if it is not true. Having enough money in the bank is one powerful way to stop worrying about money. You want to completely remove the worry, stress, and anxiety that you feel about money and focus on the good things that it can bring. Saying this affirmation is a great way to get your bank balance on track, even if it is not at the moment! 

I Am In Full Control Of My Wealth

There is nothing in your orbit that you can’t control if you put yourself in the right mind frame. When you think about being in full control over how much wealth is attracted to you, you are able to step into a position of leadership in your own life. You acknowledge that you can make things happen. If you are having any doubts about manifesting money, say this affirmation. 

Immense Wealth Is Coming To Me

You don’t need to worry about money because immense wealth is on its way to you! Thinking about all of the money that will soon be in your hands is a great way to speed up the process of manifesting it. This affirmation is really good because it’s so confident and optimistic. Always make your thoughts and affirmations about money as positive as possible. 

Wealth Is Within My Grasp At All Times

Wealth is not something that you have to worry about, because whenever you want more you can just ask for it! Money is always available to you, and by saying this affirmation you’re simply stating the truth, You are also putting yourself in the appropriate mind frame to attract a lot of money. 

I Greet Money With Open Arms

You need to be receptive and welcoming to money. If you approach wealth manifestation with an open heart, money will be more likely to be attracted to you. Having hostile, stressful or fearful thoughts about money will drive it away. Instead, focus on being positive and greet money like an old friend! 

Every Day More Money Comes Into My Life

This money affirmation acknowledges that money manifestation is often an ongoing process where your wealth grows over a period of time. Of course, there are ways to accelerate your wealth if you want to, but you should enjoy the process from a state of calm and positivity. 

I Actively Remove The Barriers Between Money And Myself

In order to manifest all of the wealth that you could possibly want, you need to remove any mental barriers. The people who stress out about money are the ones who create a hostile environment for wealth allocation. They also close the channel that money flows through. Do not fall into the trap of stressing out about money. Instead, remember to remove the barriers between money and yourself. 

My Income Will Always Cover My Expenses

A scarcity mindset comes from the idea that your expenses will be greater than your income. In order to negate this, you need to affirm that your income will always cover your expenses. The reality is, when you start manifesting money, your income will be far greater than your expenses! 

I Am Worthy Of Wealth

Finally, you must acknowledge that you are worthy of wealth. This is the most important affirmation on this list. You have to really tap into your self-worth and value and see yourself as a logical recipient for all of the wealth that you could possibly want. You are worthy of wealth and money! 

Attracting wealth is something that anyone can do with the proper tools. The biggest hurdle is not seeing money as a source of stress but as a source of joy! Once you’ve changed your mindset, work in some of these important money affirmations and let the universe open up the floodgates of tremendous wealth!