The 20 Most Powerful Law Of Attraction Affirmations

We all have the ability to manifest our own realities. The Law of Attraction indicates that we attract what we believe. That’s why negative thinking often results in negative outcomes. When we focus on attracting the positive, we are able to manifest a much more productive and happy future for ourselves. These 20 powerful Law of Attraction affirmations are designed to guide you in your quest to manifest a better life.

Perfecting the Law of Attraction is not something that happens overnight. It the result of daily practice, affirmations and consistently reminding oneself that it’s important to be able to conceptualize what we want and lean on our power to affect positive change. 

There are several daily Law of Attraction affirmations that are intensely powerful and will yield amazing results when applied regularly and properly. We’ll review twenty of the most intensely effective Law of Attraction affirmations. Incorporate them into your daily life and you are bound to start seeing some amazing results!

1. My Being Knows No Limitation

We are often only limited by what we think we can and can’t do. By reminding ourselves that there is no limitation, we open ourselves up to brand new opportunities for growth. This is a powerful affirmation because it attracts unexpected, amplified personal growth to you. You know that you are an unlimited being, so you expect and attract extraordinary things!

2. I Will Manifest Money By Focusing On Abundance

There’s really nothing in the world that is more stressful than a money problem. We tend to get panicky when we find ourselves destitute, but the Law of Attraction tells us that having a scarcity mindset can actually contribute to our financial woes. Believing that you can manifest money by focusing on abundance and abundant thinking, attracts money to you and makes it less of a stressor and more of a joy. 

3. I Will Create Anything That I Want

We are so often confined by our expectation that we are limited beings with no power. Simply breaking out of that mindset puts us into a position where we are truly able to create anything that we want. Have you ever noticed how there are some people who seem to just have it all? When you begin thinking that you are able to create anything that you want, you will find that you truly can build a fantastic life!

4. My Desires Are Realistic

This goes hand-in-hand with our previous affirmation, but it is strong enough to stand on its own two legs. People who have not fully realized their complete potential will think that their desires or goals are far-fetched. That’s not true. Your desires are realistic, and they will be manifested in reality when you give them the power to do so.

5. Positive Thinking Yields Positive Results

Sometimes the most powerful affirmations are the simplest. Although the Law of Attraction has been applied successfully for centuries, there are still some people who don’t believe that you can manifest all of the amazing things in your life. If you find yourself doubting the power of the Law of Attraction, try this clever affirmation that gets you thinking in a positive way, and re-affirming what you know is true! 

6. Today Will Be A Positive Day

Make this a daily affirmation and you will see an increase in your happy days! We direct so much of our own reality. Simply saying that this day is expected to be a positive one, is a very powerful way of setting your day off on the right foot. Negative thinking attracts unpleasant outcomes, so start your day off by acknowledging that it will be positive, and you will see that it is truly so!

law of attraction affirmations
Law of Attraction Affirmations

7. Everyday I Grow Stronger And More Capable Of Manifesting My Dreams

The journey of perfecting the Law of Attraction is an ongoing process. Sometimes, we get discouraged or think that perhaps we should be farther along. When this happens, we can start to doubt the power of the Law of Attraction, or even find ourselves in a depressed or negative state. By simply acknowledging how far you’ve come and that you become more powerful in each passing day, you’re able to keep those fears at bay and focus on what’s important.

8. Abundance Is Drawn To Me

This is a great affirmation, as well as a true statement! Abundance is drawn to you if you believe that you are worthy of abundance. This affirmation works as a gentle reminder to trust in the process and remember that as long as you think in a positive way, abundance will certainly follow along. We can manifest anything in the world!

9. I Am The Creator Of My Own Destiny

There are too many people who labor under the idea that they are not powerful or in control. This particular negative thought can rob us of our ability to understand that we are at the helm of our own lives. We all create our own destinies and attract negative or positive energy into them. By simply acknowledging that we are all the architects of our destiny, we are empowering ourselves to change our lives for the better.

10. I Am Certain Of My Powers

There are those who will tell you that the Law of Attraction is not powerful, actionable or true. These people have not tried it out for themselves and are limited by their own closed minds. They are skeptical, and might even be a little bit jealous of all of the progress that you have made. When confronted with this kind of negativity, it’s important to remember that you are certain of your own powers. You know what kind of strength your positive thoughts have.

11. I Am Receptive To The Good That The Universe Has To Offer

Sometimes the gifts from the universe come in packages that we do not recognize. This is especially true when you’re manifesting wealth. What might look like a strange situation or unexpected twist is actually the universe opening a door for you. Be open to all of the ways that good can manifest. The universe knows what it is doing, and if you are open and willing to listen to the message you’ll be much better off!

12. I Am Powerful And Successful

Anyone who is able to harness the Law of Attraction operates from a place of power. It is impossible to constantly manifest positive things and not be a very unique and exceptional being. This affirmation is especially good for those who are new to the Law of Attraction and need a little boost in the beginning. You might not feel powerful and strong all of the time, but you are strong and powerful because you are attracting great things to you! 

13. I Deserve All Of The Happiness And Success In The World

Sometimes we get mired in negativity because we do not think that we deserve happiness and the life that we want to live. By thinking that we are unworthy, we’re putting barriers in place. Good things are trying to come to us, but we are pushing them away. Instead, we are actively calling on negativity to dominate our lives. We need to remember that as unique and beautiful beings, we are both worthy of positivity and capable of manifesting it! Make sure that you are constantly reiterating this to yourself, and making it an important part of your affirmations. 

Affirmations for the law of attraction

14. The Universe Is A Benevolent Force

There are those who will ask you if you think that the glass is half-full or half-empty. Those who understand the Law of Attraction know what the only way to look at things is through the lens of a half-full glass. The universe is a benevolent force if we let it be that way! 

15. I Will Achieve My Goals And Dreams

The Law of Attraction is all about the ability to understand how positive thinking creates positive results, and you should mentally recite these Law of Attraction affirmations daily. There are plenty of people who will tell you that they will get to that project someday, or that they just don’t think that they have the skill set to be able to climb that mountain, finish their novel or be a television star. We know that all of that is possible through the Law of Attraction and positive thinking. Instead of thinking of your goals and dreams as unattainable or impossible, acknowledge that you will see them through some day. You are the designer of your own destiny, and if you want your dreams to come true, they absolutely will.

16. Money Is Drawn To Me

This affirmation is a little bit different than the one focusing on abundance thinking, but it is along the same lines. When people say that they can’t catch a break, can’t seem to save money, or have other money problems, what they’re really saying is that money is simply not attracted to them. In that way, they are right. Money is not attracted to them because they are actively repelling it by thinking negative thoughts and engaging in scarcity thinking. When you affirm that money is drawn to you, you are setting up a very powerful reality that encourages money to fall into your lap. Say this affirmation every day, and you’ll find that you will start to attract money from the most unusual and unexpected places. If you want to be delighted in your ability to manifest money, try confirming what you already know!

17. I Learn From The Past But I Do Not Live There

One of the greatest traps that we can fall into is thinking that our past defines us. Many people tend to live in the past, ignoring all of the wonderful things that are happening around them in the present. They are also not creating their futures! Living in the past puts us in a powerless place because we can’t change what happened there. We can only alter how things will be moving forward. Learn from the past, cherish parts of the past that you love, and don’t forget the journey, but avoid living in the past.

18. I Celebrate The Abundance Of Others

Trust us, there’s more than enough abundance to go around! You can tell which people are unsuccessful by the way that they treat the success of others. When someone operates from a place of positivity and strength, they automatically want to celebrate the wonderful achievements of other people. Since there is an infinite amount of good out there in the world, there is no need to worry if someone enjoys tremendous success. Affirm that you want to celebrate the abundance of others and that you know they will celebrate your abundance when it comes also.

law of attraction
Law of Attraction Affirmations

19. I Attract Only Those Who Help Me Meet My Goals

Through the Law of Attraction, you can also manifest good friendships and relationships! We all know that there are plenty of different people in the world and that not all of them have our best interests at heart. There are those who can truly help us reach our goals and realize our dreams. We need to surround ourselves with these types of people. Use this affirmation to find new members of your tribe. You will see the social dynamics of your circle changing, with some people falling out, and others coming in to replace them with an influx of positive energy!

20. My Life Is Overflowing With Abundance

This is an important affirmation to say because it acknowledges the abundance that you already have in your life. Think about some of the amazing qualities of your life. Do you have some incredible best friends? Are you well-respected at work? Do you find yourself comfortable with your whole being? Are you physically well? Your life is already full of so much abundance! By affirming your existing abundance, you’ll be setting the stage for attracting more.

Using the Law of Attraction to get what you want is something that anyone can do. We all have the ability to project positivity into the universe and get it back in return. Visit these 20 Law of Attraction affirmations anytime you feel like you need a reminder. We just need to make that first step into understanding that we are the architects of our own destinies!